Mortar Mix

Mortar is a material used in masonry field to fill the gaps between blocks in construction and bind the blocks together -- these can be stone, brick, breezeblocks (cinder blocks) etc. It is a mixture of sand, a powdered adhesive and water that is applied as a paste and then dries hard. The earliest known mortar was used by the ancient Egyptians, and was made from gypsum. This form was essentially a mixture of plaster and sand, and was quite soft. Lime mortar, using quicklime, CaO, was discovered about 4000 BC, about the time the great Egyptian pyramids were built.

We currently offer three types of COOSA Mortar:

  • Type "S" — COOSA Type "S" Cement
  • Type"N" (Buff) — COOSA Buff Cement
  • Type "I" (Portland) — COOSA Portland Cemen


Type "S" $13.00each
Type "N" $13.25each
Type "I" $14.00each