Landscaping Tips

Ordering Veneer

When ordering stone for a veneer wall or patio always order at least 10 percent more stone than needed, to allow for waste (From chiseling and hammer of stone).

Constructing Stack Stone Walls

When constructing stack stone walls that may contain an opening such as: windows, doors, or fireplaces etc. Always remember to reinforce the opening with a 3"x3" piece of angle iron.

Mulch Tips

  • A 2"-3" layer of pine bark is good for weed control.
  • Before applying any type of mulch, it's best to weed the area.
  • Keep mulch at least an inch away from plant stems to avoid rot and fungus problems.
  • Leave at least half your grass clippings on the lawn. They are an important source of nutrients.

Moving Stones with a Wheelbarrow

  • Load 2/3 of the weight toward the front to help balance it, this keeps the weight off the handles.
  • Take partial loads when moving heavier materials.

Sand Tip

Spread sand using a spaded shovel to put down small heaps over the surface. The sand must be worked into soil level with a garden rake so that it is knocked off the grass blades. The grass should never be smothered. Use a water hose and sprayer to wash the sand off of the grass blades.

It is vital to spread the sand evenly over the entire surface so depressions are filled in and no new bumps are created.